50 Cent Signs R&B Star To G-Note

Virginia-born R&B star Governor is the latest signee to 50 Cent's G-Note imprint. The crooner is the first vocalist signed to G-Note and was previously signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle label, which produced the album . The singer told AllHipHop that he expects big things from his new affiliation with G Note and 50 Cent, but also had positive things to say about his first album--despite its lack of success.
"There was a lot of different things on Son of Pain," he says. "It was an edgy album done in a classic R&B type vibe. Some songs even incorporated a Hip-Hop style because of how I write and because of my affiliations and how I came up. So I really, to this day, have a soft spot for Son of Pain, and it still kind of breaks my heart that that album didn’t really get the chance to receive the recognition that it was supposed to. It was one of the most depressing things to see something that had so much potential never get a shot."
"Now I’m working with G-Note, so a lot of things are different because I’m working with 50 [Cent], and 50’s a Hip-Hop artist and he basically brings me to his audience, which is not my core audience, but it’s a hell of an audience to be brought to," he added. "That’s different, and with the way I dress and people perceive me, that’s a little different now, but I respect it totally ‘cause it allowed me to broaden my scope on who wouldn’t normally hear or listen to my music."


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