Diddy Spazzes Over MGK Arrest?

As the news that Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly had been arrested in Florida over the weekend, it appears that a very important man in MGK's life and career was the last to hear about the bust. Bad Boy head Sean "Diddy" Combs went off in a series of panicky tweets directed at his young star that seemed to imply that Diddy had no idea what was going on with Kelly.
"Did anyone hear waht hapopened to @machinegunkelly tonight???!!! Did he get arrested?????!!!!!! Wt," Diddy tweeted. "@machinegunkelly where the f*ck are you at? Are you ok? Do you need Bail or a lawyer?????!! Eveyrone hit him to see if he's ok!"
"@machinegunkelly WtF!!!!!! Call me at miami crib now!!!!!" Diddy's tirade continued. "Everyone hit him and tell him to call me NOW!!!!! Pls thanks!!!!"


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