French Montana Is A Bad Boy First

Rapper French Montana joined Diddy's Bad Boy Records on his own terms. According to Montana, he has become the first artist in the history of one of hip hop's longest-running labels to own his publishing. In an interview with Real Talk NY, the rapper explained his situation.
“I think I’m the first person - and I ain’t tell this to nobody - I’m the first person in the whole history of Bad Boy not to sign my publishing to Bad Boy or Puff,” he said. “Everything I asked for, Puff kept his word. In my eyes, he a real n***a for that. So far, so good. I have no complaints.”
Montana also spoke on Diddy's reputation for not quite being square with his artists.
“I feel like a person, as a man, should never judge somebody on his situation with other people. You should always judge a person based on their situation with you. The situation you got with each other is the only way you can judge a man,” he continued. “I find it kind of weird. How can someone jerk you and give you the paperwork for your lawyer to see… It’s not like they’re tricking you. It’s not like words get up in the middle of the night and change on the contract. You just gotta get good lawyers. Of course, Puff is going to have the best lawyers.”


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