Machine Gun Kelly On Diddy's Rant:

Diddy went ballistic on Twitter at the news that Bad Boy artist Machine Gun Kelly had been arrested in Florida this weekend. But MGK says that he talked to his boss and everything has been smoothed over.
According to Kelly, Diddy just didn't quite know everything that had happened.
"You can tell he's, like, playful with it, but there's a serious tone behind [it]," Machine Gun Kelly told MTV News. "I talked to Puff today, and he's like, 'It's all good. Do what you do. You did what you had to do.'"
Diddy also thought MGK was involved in a car wreck that did include one of the young rapper's friends. "He thought I was in the car too, so he thought I got arrested twice. It was like the first arrest was cool, like, all right, he'll let it slide. But when he [thought it was two arrests], he was like, 'What the f---? You got arrested two times? Something is wrong with you, man?'"
"He was, like, spazzing out," Kelly added. "I think all the label is on edge about how we rock."


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