Maino Explains "I Still Love You"

Maino decided to clear up the speculation surrounding his track "I Still Love You," which appeared to be about Lil Kim. Maino says the two's relationship was strictly platonic, and the song was about how they may no longer associate with each other but he will always love her for their bond.
"I think people are taking it way out of context," Maino said in an interview. "You know when you have relationships with certain people, you may have real genuine love for them but you just can't f*ck with them. That's all I was saying. ... I still got love for you, we don't really f*ck with each other but I still got love for you. You know the thing is, I saw the comments, 'Oh Maino's in love with Lil Kim.' They forgot in the song that I said, 'I was your brother.' ... You know when you got love for somebody but you can love them from afar, you want them to do their thing but y'all aren't built for close proximity. That's all."


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