Roseanne Blasts Beyonce & Her Fans

Roseanne Barr caused a Twitter firestorm this weekend when she shared her feelings on Beyonce, Etta James and Barack Obama's picking the former to sing at his inauguration in early 2009. "I lost ALL respect for Obama when he dissed Etta James in favor of Beyonce," Roseanne tweeted. "No respect for women at all, I thought-Etta was a hero 2 women. I loved Etta James -and yes that did it for me – He hurt her when she was ill"
"I have not listened to anything Beyonce or Jay z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta," she continued. "Their arrogance was disgusting."
Rosie wasn't done, though.
"Can you believe that Beyonce's rabid fans are attacking poor Etta James on the day she died? Sick b*tches." Roseanne tweeted, before proceeding to go in on the Beyonce fans that started replying to her.
Some of her more colorful responses:
"Bl*w me, h*."
"Hey--dont tell me how to do my job or I will come over 2 taco bell & slap the d*cks out of your mouth."
"F**k you hater."
"She doesnt care about you at all--get a f**king life, loser."
"Get a job, h*."
"Shut your yap, you uneducated h*."
"Your mother is a wh*re and you are her anus baby."
The comedienne and former sitcom star apologized later. "I sincerely want2 apologize 4 the rude comments I made2 twitters defending the fabulously talented Beyonce. I reverted to standup slams."


Infamouz One said…
Stop giving this has been attention. This fat dyke has been lame even when her sitcom was in heavy rotation.
Anonymous said…
Lmaooo.. Beyonce & Roseanna dnt care about no dam fans so wut tha hell everrrr
Anonymous said…
Ignorant bitch want attention.
Anonymous said…
She just want attention

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