Snoop Defends Wiz Khalifa

Waka Flocka Flame blasted fellow hip hop star Wiz Khalifa a couple of months ago for having 'no swag,' and it looks like Wiz's big buddy, Snoop Dogg, felt the need to come to Wiz's defense. Wiz and Snoop partnered up for the stoner comedy movie and soundtrack Mac and Devin Go To High School.
"I'ma holla at Waka Flocka. That's where big Uncle Snoop come in at, 'cause we ain't about that negativity and none of that beef. We too old for that," said Snoop on Big Boy's radio show. "I'ma snatch him up by the collar and say, 'Look here, partna. You got somethin' to say to Wiz, get at him personally.' We peaceful. We on nothing but peace right now."
"This is my guy right here," added Snoop. "I love Wiz 'cause he got the right spirit that Hip Hop needs. Too much negativity in the industry that always overwhelms his kind of spirit, and I'm here to let people know that this is the right kind of spirit.


TUG said…
That was a couple months ago and Whatever Waka Flocka cant rap. Couple of months ago Wiz and Waka was hanging out smoking weed together.
Anonymous said…
That's Wasup, that's why I luv this dude, snoop as com as a summer breeze got @ oh boy on a mans level. Wiz must got some kind of swag shit he got a boss ass woman on his arm and everyone is knocking his shit. But now it the bay fucks wit him yeah then you know he got swag. like wat, But in a major way respect that mans gangsta...!
Anonymous said…
Wackas fake as fuck. The got video ot them both chillin,smoke,getting fucked up together and when wiz ant around he start talkin shit. Female ass things these suppose real ass niggas do.

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