Spinderella Blasts Celebrity DJs?

DJ Spinderella decided to get a little off of her chest earlier today (January 2) on Twitter. The former Salt N Pepa turntablist blasted the current 'celebrity DJ' wave as a tacky trend that disrespects the art of DJing. She said that real DJs have to respect the art, and many of the big names jumping on the bandwagon do not.
"BTW, I do lessons for anyone who wants to learn. But we startin ground ZERO," she tweeted. "I rapped on a few joints back then...but never claim to be a 'rapper.' DJing is just a 'trend' now. artists jump on the bandwagon cause its the 'in' career move. What about real DJs that 'bleed' this culture?"
"Record sales down? Become a DJ? FOH" she continued. "First DJ AK-47, (Alicia Keys) and now DJ wih wih wiggety Wayne? WTH who's next?"


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