Taraji Wants To Play A Man

Taraji P. Henson is one of Hollywood's more visible black actresses, but even she still has to deal with gender and racial barriers. The sexy actress revealed just how far outside-the-box she wants to take her career, despite what limitations Hollywood continues to put on black female stars.
"Hollywood keeps trying to tell me that black women can’t open a film," she says in an interview with Upscale. "I will absolutely prove them wrong before my career is done. I want to stretch my acting muscle and do something completely different."
" I’d love to play a man," Henson reveals. "Sounds weird, but I want to do something that make me work hard."
"Call me kooky, but I always want to go outside my comfort zone," adds Taraji.


natoya said…
Girl you r the best!!! Do you make that money
dkhnic said…
Go female Denzel I love you so
Korkeybaby said…
Yes she is...she shud do it exceed err1 expectations, ur beautiful inside and out taraji!!

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