Wiz Khalifa On Hometown Critics:

Wiz Khalifa has addressed haters in his hometown. In a string of tweets, the Pittsburgh native defended himself against unnamed critics who took exception to the rapper's supposed distancing himself from his city. Wiz says he's still as much a part of the steel town as he's ever been.
"Im Always Working & For The Record I See Wuss Goin On At Home. I Would Never Forget About My City. I Love Ya'll Crazy Mu F*ckas. Im From There," he tweeted. "Im Ratchet As H*ll Juss Like Ya'll. I Juss Want Y'all To Know The World Is Bigger Than Pittsburgh Bein Alive Past 21 Is Cool"
"I Got No Problems Wit N*ggas Reppin The Hood Because Thats A MAJOR Part Of Our City But I Don't Feel Wrong For Showin People The Other Side," he added. "Especially Kids Who's Minds Aren't Already As Fucked Up And Jaded As Ours"


Orrboy said…
Wiz..ur nxt album betta be hot!!....cuz Rollin Papers was GARBAGE!!!!

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