Ashanti On Life Post-Murder, Inc

Ashanti is in the midst of her comeback, but she knows everyone still wants to hear about her messy split from her former label Murder, Inc. and her subsequent 'disappearance' from the music scene. The sexy star, however, wants to assure everyone that she has moved on from the past and that she needed a break to clear her head.
“The label I was with kinda fell under an indictment and that actually put a hold on everything," she told "Access Hollywood." "It was like a black cloud that I had to kinda come out of and we had to do a lot of damage control. I felt that I wanted to distance myself from that. I did Broadway, I did some films, I did John Tucker Must Die, I did Resident Evil. I just had to regroup and say we’re gonna have a fresh start and I’m gonna try to put my business hat on and try to look for a different angle to approach the music. The industry was changing dramatically in those past three years.”


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