CM Punk Vs. Chris Brown, Pt. 2

WWE heavyweight champion CM Punk isn't done feuding with R&B star Chris Brown. Just a few days after tweeting that he wanted to fight the controversial star, CM Punk has responded to Breezy's taunts about steroids and the wrestler's
"Chris and I come from different worlds. I don't have an assistant. I don't have a body guard. I don't have a manager or a PR person telling me to delete tweets like Chris does, and I don't hit women. Period." Punk says in a video. "[Chris] has made the wrong accusations to the wrong person because I can defend myself."
"I will choke you out and I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has the misfortune of knowing a sad cowardly little boy such as yourself," Punk added.


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