Common & Drake May Have Fought

There are ongoing reports that an altercation occurred at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards between rappers Common and Drake. The two have been embroiled in a feud for several months, but Common had told FUSE just that night that there was no bad blood between them.
However, Celebuzz claims that a source says that the two rappers got into two fights backstage at the show.
According to the source, both incidents required uniformed police to intervene.


miss connie said…
But....... WHY? Seriously WHY? Damm wow, we are in the other part of the world, struggling and worried about our bills and our JOBS, and they , (meaning the singers, rappers, ) are just fighting for what? Diidnt we have enough of that from Biggie and Tupac? I'm just saying? Come on! Really?
Anonymous said…
Just because your a rapper/famous doesnt mean you won't have conflicts in your life. Other peoples problems should not dictate the flow of your life, them fighting should be no different from the non famous people who got into fights that night. You obviously don't know anything about them besides what they put on record so to complain about their personal activities as the person on the outside looking in is pointless. Live yours and not theirs and your life will be much easier.

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