I Want To Love Like Him (By @PassPort_Cutty)

So I’m not speaking for all women…… Nor all men…..  I’m just pointing out observations that I’ve come to conclusion about from my own personal experiences…. And I’ve ran my ideas by a slew of other people and even if they didn’t agree, they understood …
I’ve noticed that men love differently from women…. Well duh…. They are different….  But I want to point out how. Now to some, its obvious…. But others haven’t quite figured out what it is yet that makes it different so I’m going to share what I think….
Men are usually more “conscious” when loving…. If you notice, men usually say “I couldn’t allow myself…..I didn’t want to….. I handle it this way because…. I do things my way to protect my feelings….etc etc”….and honestly….. I commend them for that. That’s “smart love”…. Yea people are going to counter me saying that “Love has no boundaries…..its unconditional…” …blah blah blah… but love is also blind and stupid…. Now I may not be able to define love for you… But I know how powerful it is… Love can make you create a new life…. And love can make you KILL….
With everyone having a different perception of love, we can’t label “love” on any one else’s relationship except our own…  And only from our side of the fence… You can’t even be positive that someone loves you back. Every single person is going to handle how they love someone differently… We want love to be all these perfect things but we aren’t even perfect people so how is that? As bad as it sounds…. How can we say that someone didn’t love their partner cuz they killed them? I’m not DEFENDING it, I’m just saying in THEIR head, they believed they loved that person that much that they couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else interacting with them.
In my observation….. The majority of women have “stupid love”…. “optimistic love”…. That’s the love with no boundary…  That’s the love that she loves him more than her… The love that she always feels like she has to prove herself… The love that she can’t even be herself… The insecure love that makes her think, she “can’t and won’t, and shouldn’t ever love anyone ever again in life if THIS love doesn’t work out”… The “I need him” love… The “I deserve him” love… The “I don’t care about any of my friends or family as long as I got my man” love…The “I’m gonna put my dreams to the side for his” love… The “he’ll “come around” once the baby is here” love… The “he only hit me because he really loves me” love…. The “he doesn’t have to work as long as he is here when I get home” love…..The “I know he loves me even though he doesn’t say or show it” love………
We all know that love…..and I’m not saying that’s NOT love… I’m saying women tend to “OVER” love in a wrong way… An unhealthy way… A dependent way… An insecure way…..
But not dudes…..Men got “smart love”….”pessimistic love”….  Men got the “I know what females are capable of” love… The “if you cheat, I’m out or beating you the fuck up” love… The “I’m not ready for a baby yet” love…. The “I’m no good to you until I get myself on my feet” love…. The confident,” I don’t give this love to everybody” love… The “This is me, take it or leave it” love… The “you should be grateful I chose you” love…the “Ima say it when its necessary and not burn the word “love” out” love… The “I can’t allow myself to get in too deep with you or else I might try to kill you” love… Moderation love…
Now of COURSE there’s exceptions…  It gets way deeper and more complex than this…. And in a lot of circumstances….. Much HAPPIER and blissful…but this is the common love I’ve come across….
But my personal favorites are the “You don’t know what you got til its gone love”…the “I never knew love like this love” I love these loves because they are genuine… And tested… And analyzed…
These loves are the “either we’re meant to be together or we’re not” love… The “I have options so cherish me and respect me” love… The “I love you too much to ever physically hurt you” love… The “communication” is key” love… The “I respect his/her privacy cuz I don’t got nothing to worry about” love… The “they may not be the best but they’re far from the worst” love… The “ill compromise but don’t need to CHANGE myself” love
I love that love….
All in all… I don’t wanna love optimistically… I wanna love consciously…I want to love how men love because they hold on to their identity, even when loving… That’s something that females tend to lose when “falling in love.” And if someone really love YOU, you shouldn’t have to change every aspect of yourself to accommodate them…. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that they are obligated to love you back. People go the extra mile trying to MAKE who they love want them in the same manner and that’s how people wind up getting used and taken for granted of because they are offering SO much as bait. The person who is being captured is being drawn in for all the wrong reasons. Moderation is the healthiest way to love and live… #theend


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