Jill Scott Blasted By Nicki Minaj Fans?

Soul singer Jill Scott's belated reaction to Nicki Minaj's controversial Grammy performance may have been simple and short, but that didn't stop Minaj Twitter fanatics from going H.A.M. on Jilly from Philly. It didn't seem like Scott liked the performance, but its hard to tell--because she only tweeted a quick response.
"I finally watched the Minaj performance on the Grammys, Wow." Jill tweeted. But she went on to semi-defend Nicki, adding: "Art for art sake, I suppose. She has the right to express herself and she took that right. Nuff said."
Apparently, that was enough to enrage Nicki's 'Barbies.'
"The only thing you need to be worried about is your calorie intake, big boned B*TCH. DON'T try it," responded one person. "Where is your music? Singing in the shower in a homeless shelter doesn't count," added another.
"You don't really know the story behind the performance, so you can't really judge it," chimed in someone else. "How many units has your most recent album sold. I'll wait," added someone.
Fans are crazy these days.


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