Justin Timberlake Forced Into Pre-Nup?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got engaged during the 2011 holiday season, but there are rumors that the couple have not been seeing eye-to-eye lately. And according to Bossip, Biel may not be 100% sold on JT's ability to stay faithful if and when they do get hitched.
And she wants a little insurance.
“She thinks if he strays during the marriage, she should be royally compensated,” says an insider. “She wants a fidelity clause in the prenup giving her at least $500,000 if he does.”
Biel also wants to wait a few years before they have children.
“If he’s faithful for several years, maybe she’ll agree to have a baby,” says the insider. “She doesn’t trust him 100 percent yet. Jessica figures if she gets fat during pregnancy, he’ll cheat again.”


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