Kelly Rowland On Guest Artists:

Kelly Rowland made an appearance on "Chelsea Lately" and told host Chelsea Handler that she enjoyed collaborating with rapper Lil Wayne on her track "Motivation." She also admitted that most artists can be difficult because of outlandish demands for guest appearances.
"I saw him at a [Miami] Heat game and I told him I had a song. I went to the studio, played him the song and he got on it. Sometimes, I don’t know if you guys know, but artists will be a little bit difficult when it comes to getting on songs. You go through that Hollywood stuff," Rowland said. "I don’t like that and he just did it.
"They’ll demand a whole bunch of stuff," Rowland continued. "They’ll want half of the writers’ credit and you’re like ‘I ain’t giving you my writers’ credit or anything else.” So you just want to tell them to chill and get on the song. If it’s a great song be apart of it."


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