Ludacris Supports Nicki Minaj?

Hip hop superstar Ludacris has made it clear who he's rooting for at this year's Grammy awards. The Atlanta rapper says that he wants his "My Chick Bad" co-star Nicki Minaj to take home Best New Artist honors at the awards show.
Luda is a big fan of Nicki and has rooted for her career thus far.
"I'm looking forward to seeing Nicki Minaj. I love her. I'm glad I got a chance to work with her. I'm extremely proud of her," he said. "She's just scratching the surface of what she's capable of. So, Nicki: keep doing your thing, girl."


Anonymous said…
The only one that don't support Nicki in the game is lil kims old ass. Everyone tryna she she's tryna be like here. Listen to the way Kim raps and them play Nicki right after if you think sthay say the same things you your fuckin night.everyone sayin she dress like her to, mothe fucka sex sells day all. That like sayin any girl that come out into the game is like lil Kim.No just cuz she a female and she making money dont mean she followed

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