Meagan Good On Relationship Drama

Meagan Good admitted in a recent interview just how crazy she has gotten in a relationship. While claiming that she doesn't go for the typical melodramatics, the sexy actress did reveal that she has gotten too wrapped up in heavy relationships.
"I mean, when you find yourself walking out on the side of freeway in a different state at three o'clock in the morning because someone has pissed you off, and you are completely convinced that you're walking to the airport that is over an hour away, you've pretty much lost your marbles there," Good said in an interview with VIBE Vixen. "Yeah, I'm not crazy like I'll bust the windows out your car. I don't like to be vindictive, but I am the type of person that'll be like, 'You know what? N***a, forget you, and I'll be on my own!' [Laughs] I'm one of those people who will mentally check out when I get so mad."


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