Nicki MInaj Joins HIV Battle

Nicki Minaj has joined the fight against HIV/AIDS. Via her partnership with M.A.C. Cosmetics, Minaj explained to "Good Morning America" why she felt the campaign was important.
"I had an uncle that passed away from AIDS," revealed Nicki. "He actually was living in Trinidad. It's dually important because it's my family [and] it's my country. And so when M.A.C. reached out, we spoke a lot about going to the Caribbean islands, raising awareness there, and of course we want to do everything everywhere we can."
"It's important for people from the islands to understand: it's not something that should only be discussed in America," added Nicki. "This is something that's killing a lot of - especially - black women."
"I don't want people to think that this is a gay disease...or an 'in the 80s' disease," she explained. "This is something that's killing everyone, no matter your preference, your religion, your race."


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