Rick Ross Not Concerned With Beefing

Rick Ross has made his fair share of enemies in the rap game over the years. But in a recent interview, Ricky Rozay said that he's not concerned with beefing with anyone right now--he's concerned with winning and building. The Miami star says that the best way to vanquish his haters is to be a successful mogul.
"Right now it's just all about me remaining creative, keep putting this dream team together," Ross told MTV. "That's what I'm about and I think that's what everybody out there should be about, get your ones up. Success is the quickest way to kill the enemy. ... I'm always 'bout business; that's why I'm here. I haven't taken nothin' personal since I came in the game and I think if you in this business and plan on having longevity in this you shouldn't take nothin' personal"


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