Wiz Khalifa Headlining Spring Fling

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has been announced as the headliner for SUNY Cortland’s campuses Spring Fling this April. Wiz is an extremely popular star with the SUNY students, and over 3000 tickets will be sold for the concert. The students will get first priority for the tickets, and a limited number will be made available for non-students.
“Last year’s student surveys came back and said that students wanted to see him,” said Delvin “D.J.” Johnson, one of the co-chairs in charge of lining up music acts for the College’s Student Activities Board. “So this year, we took a chance on trying to get him and he accepted.”
“He has some huge fans here and we knew it would go over pretty well with students,” Johnson said. “People are excited about it.”
Spring Fling takes place on Saturday, April 28.


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