Beanie Sigel Signs New Deal

Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has signed a new distribution deal with EMI. According to AllHipHop, the deal was spearheaded by industry executive Chris Schwartz and Sigel shared the specifics surrounding the new deal and how it will affect his music going forward.
“That’s what kind of pushed me to really do this album. I was sought out by Chris Schwartz. He had a situation at EMI and was looking for an artist,” Sigel explained. “I had just recorded a couple songs in the studio. Somebody heard a record and was like, ‘You should check out Beanie; he hasn’t been doing anything.’
“The first conversation was kind of generic – it was like, ‘Uhh yeah.’ I had deals on the table; I’ve been approached by everybody from everywhere – from E1, well to Koch first, to E1 to Asylum," he added. "For me to sign to a major, it’s like, ‘For what?’ I’m too far advanced in my career to go to a 360 deal. I’ve learned too much of the business to put myself in that position now.”


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