Birdman On Jay-Z Diss:

Birdman spoke up recently about Jay-Z's perceived dig at him on the track "It's Good." Back in 2010, Jay tossed off a line about having 'baby money,' that everyone interpreted as a diss aimed squarely at Bryan "Birdman/Baby" Williams--and the Cash Money CEO shared his reaction to hearing the song for the first time.
"I thought that was funny for a n*gga to holler out 'baby money,'" Birdman says. "I was like, "Wow, f*ck, what do you mean 'Baby money'? N*gga, that ain't no little money. We around here getting it. It wasn't nothing, we ain't trip. I was like, 'Yeah, since it's such a big deal, f*ck yeah we got 'Baby Money.' That Bugatti and that Lauder jet comes from 'Baby Money.'"
"I don't think ['It's Good'] is a diss record. It wasn't more than what he said. N***as was G'ing up about what was said," Birdman continued. "We did that, done that, off that brother. We're on our money train."


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