Gabrielle Union On Scrutiny

Sexy Hollywood starlet Gabrielle Union may be in a high-profile relationship with Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade, but she says the scrutiny isn't something she's worried about. According to Gabby, the photogenic couple has it a lot easier than some celebrities--even though things can get a bit much sometimes when they're out.
"We don’t get it too bad," says Union. "It is when we are with the kids on the beach and photographers are there. They didn’t sign up for that, you know? Or when we are with our friends and they are like, “Um, I don’t want my bikini body being photographed!” I always feel bad."
When asked if Miami or Los Angeles was most overrun with paparazzi, Gabby gave a two-sided answer.
"That is a tough one. Miami when it comes to the beaches. When we are in Los Angeles, we can be in Malibu and no one knows," she says. "But the difference here is restaurants. We can go to popular restaurants and everyone leaves us be."
"It's part of the gig. We recognize [that]as part of being together in the public eye."


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