Jay-Z Album Details Emerge

Young Guru, longtime sound engineer for Jay-Z, has shared a few details about Hov's highly-anticipated follow-up to 2009sBlueprint 3 album. While being sure to make it clear that Jay's upcoming project is not a 'concept album' in the traditional sense--it is definitely driven by a concept.
"Jay-Z is always working on stuff, it's a concept that I can't talk about but I'm marveled at how smart this guy is. When he told me the concept, I was like 'Why didn't I think of that?' It was just so simple," Guru says. "It's not a concept album though. It's not like American Gangster, it's not a Beatles concept album. It has a concept and a title, and the title and the concept fit him so well that people are going to be like 'Wow.'"
"I like certain writers because it takes me 8,000 paragraphs to get my full point across," he added. "When somebody can take what I just said and condense it into two sentences and still have the same effectiveness, that's a good writer. The simplicity of the title and the concept that it conveys is incredible."


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