Jeezy Speaks On Trayvon Martin

In an interview with MTV's Sway, Young Jeezy shared his feelings on the murder of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, the teen who was gunned down by Neighborhood Watch leader named George Zimmerman. The case of the unarmed young man's killing has drawn national attention due to the fact that Zimmerman hasn't been arrested for murder despite the fact that the shooting happened on February 26th, nearly a month ago.
“I feel very deeply as a community leader and as a product of my culture,” Jeezy said. “I feel like we all got to get together and stop this, ‘cause I have a son his age and I just feel like that could've been either of our children.”
Various marches and protests have been organized around the country in the wake of the slaying.
“I’m out here trying to feed the fam, and if I heard that I wouldn’t know how to take it,” Jeezy added. “My son is a good kid. Does he do stuff? Of course, that’s what kids do. But nobody’s child should be shot in cold blood for anything…especially if they didn’t hurt or harm another individual. I feel the racial lines and the tension of it. I get it, but we’re gonna stand strong on the black and the brown side on this one. We’re gonna stand together…”


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