Ne-Yo Discusses Working With Kanye

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo revealed his admiration for superstar rapper/producer Kanye West--and his hope that the two will be able to collaborate in the near future. Speaking to SOHH, Ne-Yo explained his respect for West's artistry and approach.
"I would love to do something with Kanye West," Ne-Yo said. "I love his artistry, I love his originality, I love the fact he takes time to make sure something is as good as it can possibly be. I love that about him. We've had a couple opportunities but with my schedule [and his], it just hasn't come into fruition yet. I'm a huge fan of Drake. I love how he's kind of carving out his own niche in this thing. I would love to do something with him."
Ne-Yo also revealed what other hip hop figures he was currently into.
"Big fan of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj," he shared. "Big Sean is making some noise right now, I'm a fan of what he does."


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