Nick Cannon Has Auto-Immune Disease

Nick Cannon's recent health troubles have been revealed to be the result of an autoimmune disease. The actor/comedian suffers from a lupus-like condition that directly led to his kidney failure and contributed to the blood clots in his lungs recently.
"The blood clot thing was probably the scariest because...I've known people who have passed away from that," he explained. "I thought I was getting better, and then [the blood clots] happened, so that kind of came out of nowhere. I'm just trying to make sure I put my health first."
"[The kidney failure was caused by an] autoimmune disease that [doctors] found in my system," he continued. "They kind of say [my] autoimmune [disease] is – like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has's a lot of stuff, but it's all in order now."


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