Nicki Minaj On Working With Madonna:

Nicki Minaj opened up about her time collaborating with pop diva Madonna and what the experience meant to her as a fan and taught her as an artist.
"When I walked on set and saw Madonna, I literally gasped because I felt like I was looking at Marilyn Monroe and I'm so obsessed with Marilyn Monroe," Nicki told Miss Info. "Like, I have Marilyn Monroe pictures all over my house. When I saw Madonna, she really to me was Marilyn Monroe and it was very surreal because it's like, I almost felt like I was doing a video with my two idols at the same time. It was like, very very strange. She had these distant, sort of like very dreamy eyes like Marilyn, like kind of distant but very there and very in charge--but almost like in their own world. And it was just so surreal, you know, just to walk downstairs and see her standing there. I was just like, Wow."
"I think that when she started, she was mentally where I am now," Minaj continued. "Feeling like, 'If people would just leave me alone and let me do me, they'll see the great things that I have to offer.' Right before I met her, I watched her documentary Truth or Dare, and because of that, I felt so connected to her when we got in the studio. Madonna's the only humongous artist I ever worked with that actually sat with me in the studio."


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