ScHoolboy Q On Pot

Rapper ScHoolboy Q is straight up about who he is. But he's also very clear about who he is not. The West Coast rhymer 'introduced' himself to fans, but dismissed anyone that tries to pigeonhole him as a 'weed rapper.'
"ScHoolboy Q is a n***a from L.A. that wanna get high, do music, and raise his daughter," he said. "I'm [not] a weed rapper."
"I don't just talk about weed. That's why I didn't do any weed songs on this new project," he added.
Nonetheless, Q wants to record with arguably the most famous 'weed rapper' on the planet.
"I gotta get a song with that n***a. ...Snoop...can I get a song? DPG, my n***a," he says. "I just want a verse."


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