Somaya Reece Idolizes Pitbull?

Somaya Reece shared her love and respect for Latin rap superstar Pitbull. In a recent interview with SOHH, Reece explained that Pit's success has been an inspiration to her and she pushes for the same type of far-reaching appeal the Miami rapper has achieved.
"Pitbull is like the epitome of where I'm going with my music," Reece says. "It's funny because people call me the female Pitbull and I've never made a record that sounds like him. [The music he's making now] is where the money's at. [laughs] The second thing is he wants to be international. Who wants to be in a box forever? Pitbull's transformation came from him being just a rapper, straight rapping. But when he was just rapping, nobody really supported him. Then he decided to gain his own rapport and build his own fan base. Then he came out with Ying Yang Twins, then he came out working with Lil Jon and then he started moving. Latinas have always supported him because Latin music is just so big. Then he started experimenting with the dance movement and it went well."


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