Wale Blasts Twitter Imposter

Wale was the subject of a lewd Twitter exchange that was proven to be a hoax this weekend. An imposter account engaged in a sexually-charged convo with a fan, with the account pretending to be the D.C.-based rapper. Wale got annoyed and posted screenshots of the fake "Wale" account to prove that the tweets were fake.
"Sad thing is people do sh*t like this and n***as believe it." Wale posted. "Two wrongs don't make a right but.. I'm not here to be righteous .. I'm fortunate enuff to have a team of n***as for sh*t like this"
Some fans felt like Wale should've been the bigger person, but he defended his approach.
"We all petty," he tweeted. "And im immature too RT @prissperry: the fact that @wale admitted he's petty...pretty much makes him a winner in my book."


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