50 Cent Admits Bad Business Choices

50 Cent admitted that he has regrets about some of his business decisions. The rapper told Rachel Ray that he feels that, had it not been for some missteps, he could be even bigger today than he is. 50 blames his mixing friendship with business as one reason for the mistakes.
"Personally, I have to be conscious not to overly invest myself in people because I'm personable and I start to develop relationships," 50 said. "Let's just say an easy job, a hard job to do, you forget you're working and when people have a comfortable work environment, they do things and you kind of let them go for a while and it kind of becomes uncomfortable and you have to get rid of them. ... [You have] to keep those boundaries. When you're exercising that whistle-while-you-work concept 'cause you're enjoying yourself and you're doing what you're passionate about, it's tough for you to look at each individual's performance and actual space -- there's been a lot of mistakes made in my career that have gone unseen because the projects were successful projects. But people made a lot of mistakes behind the scenes that could have made it a little bigger and better."


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