Andy Milonakis Disses Jay-Z?

Comedian Andy Milonakis decided to jokingly diss Jay-Z via Twitter in what was supposedly a humorous exchange between he and rapper Game.
"Thinking about smacking Jay-Z in the face as an early Christmas present," Andy tweeted. ":@thegame F*ck these fools, freedom of speech, I'll talk sh*t about anyone in the world, they can eat a c*ck sandwich"
He didn't stop there, the jokes just kept on coming.
"@thegame Don't know him, but i aint gonna go ham on people that tell me about, but whoever I want to talk sh*t about I will, i aint a puppet," he continued. "If someone ever shot and killed me over rap beef, it would be the funniest death in the history of mankind. :)"
"I'm just saying. everyone disses all the wack rappers," he tweeted. "It's time someone is ballsy enough to tell the good ones to fuck themselves haha"


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