Eve Prepping New Single

Veteran female rapper Eve has announced that she is prepping a new single for release by the end of the month. The Philly native told TheWomenOfHipHop that she has plans to release it online prior to release an 'official' radio single later.
"I'm gonna throw out a...single at the end of this month," said Eve. "Before the official single, before the radio single. And I'm probably gonna throw out a couple...before the radio single."
"I think my whole goal for this record, because it's been so long, I wanted to make sure that my core audience didn't feel like Eve just completely forgot about them, and went over to another side," she added.
"Musically, I definitely...I haven't changed, but I've grown," explained Eve. "I've definitely grown. I feel like people will...recognize the stuff they loved [from] me before - all the Ruff Ryders, the hard lyrics. And that's my core, that's where I come from, so I wanted to make sure I didn't [forget about] that. But then, I wanted to make sure I did tracks that show my ear, because I have been traveling for so long. Musically, I love a lot of different kinds of music."


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