Kanye Changes "Theraflu"

Kanye West's song "Theraflu" got a huge amount of attention online, and maybe some of that attention led to the rapper/producer having to make an unexpected decision. It was announced that Kanye has changed the song's title and the single artwork for the track.
Kanye announced on his webiste that the new name for the song is "Way Too Cold." The cover art also replaced the image of a Theraflu bottle on top of the torso of a nude woman. Now, it features what looks like a glass of milk on top of the torso.
It is being speculated that West changed the name and artwork after Theraflu balked at their brand name being used on the song, which references his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, her current beau Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye's current rumored girlfriend Kim Kardashian.


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