Mac Miller Prepping 3 Albums

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller revealed to Billboard magazine that he plans to release three full-length projects before the end of 2012. He explained that, while he's unsure of their official release dates, the projects are all slated to drop relatively soon.
”I’m doing three collaborative projects before the end of this year. One is coming out soon, I can’t tell you [about them] but they’re all crazy, they’re all really dope,” Mac said. “I think that’s just what I need to do right now, just explore, and expand, and make music with other people.”
“For so long I wanted to do everything myself.” He continued, “I wanted people to know I’m here because of what I did, and not because of a co-sign. Now that I’m here, I’m having so much fun working with people. My mixtape ['Macadelic'] is filled with ridiculous features, and it’s just fun for me, so I think I gotta do more of that to just expand and grow as an artist.”


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