Olivia's Producer Fawns Over Her?

Producer Jerry Wonda appeared briefly on last season's "Love & Hip Hop" alongside rapstress Olivia, and it sounds like the two may have a deeper relationship than just producer/artist. Not to tell tales out of school, but Wonda spoke very highly of the former First Lady of G-Unit when he spoke about her to SOHH.
"You know, Olivia has always been a friend," Jerry said. "I love her. As a friend, I'm always going to be around her for whatever she needs. I'm always going to be there. She's someone I will always support."
"I always felt she never had a fair chance," he added. "I'm by her [side] and I want to help her out as a friend and then we'll figure out where business is going to take us. We'll figure it out but we hang out. We recently went to a concert and so she's a good friend."


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