Schoolboy Q Relates To 50 Cent

Schoolboy Q recently spoke on his admiration for hip hop superstar 50 Cent. Q says that he connects to 50's music, despite the fact that there may be more skilled rappers out there.
"We got the same sh*t going on. Everything he talk about is the same sh*t I did. I relate to Fifty...I can listen to 50 Cent and tell he really mean what he's saying. He's one of them n***as that got away with confidence. Fifty ain't got the best bars, he ain't got Jay-Z bars but his confidence on a record -- you can't deny it. I seen where he was doing an interview about Ja Rule during the beef sh*t, he was saying that any n***a that just getting out of jail that don't know what to do with himself is getting into the rap game. Recently when I just got out of jail I didn't now what to do I wasn't going to try and finish playing football. That's when I was f*cking around with rapping, I wasn't really rapping but when I heard that I was like f*ck it...I really went hard at it. Fifty probably saved my life on some real sh*t."


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