Somaya Reece's Dating Tips

The voluptuous Somaya Reece offered ladies a few pointers when it comes to dating. Namely, Reece pointed out exactly how a woman can tell how a man feels about her. She says its all in the eyes, and that a woman should pay attention to how her man looks at her.
If he looks at all.
"The automatic red flag is if they're not doing any of those things and especially if they can't give you eye contact," she told SOHH. "If a man can't give you eye contact, you should know you're already in the booty call zone. He's not trying to look at you, girl. To me, not getting eye contact is always a red flag."
"If you don't have enough respect to look at me in my eyes while you speak to me, then we can't have a second date," she added. "Make some eye contact because when the lights are out, no one's looking at each other. The first thing with me is always the eye contact."


Anonymous said…
This bitch is super ass. She wanna be Nicki so bad.
karensmith said…
This is very informative! Thanks for posting!

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