Terrence J Talks About Celebrity Dating

Terrence J offered his take on what it requires for someone to date a celebrity. The "106 & Park" host says that, despite the fame, a relationship requires the same things from all participants. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with celebrity or not.
"I think whenever you are in a relationship with anybody, all of the bells and whistles and the perceptions of outside people go away," he told TheYBF. "When you are dating somebody and you really get to know them, none of what other people think about them comes into play. Like Kevin Hart said in the movie, 'Go with what you know.'"
"A lot of times when men are pursuing women, we try to be something that we aren't and that's when we mess up the most," he added. "Whenever we are being ourselves and we stick to what we know, that's when things work best. I love movies and I love things that are outdoors. So if I'm dating a woman, those are the things that I am going to do. And I'm going to talk about the things I know...because that is what's truest to me."


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