Wayne Brady: Freestyle Fanatic?

His good buddy Brian McKnight may have embarrassed himself with a song about making women orgasm, but Wayne Brady showed during an appearance on Sway In the Morning that he, too, can make an ass of himself musically.
Although Brady's was far less cringe-inducing.
The comedian kicked a freestyle on the show, rhyming over 2Pac and N.W.A. beats.
"Just got off the plane, thank God it's another day," Brady raps, "It's wonderful to be here with my man Sway/Now in Gotham you can see me make jokes -- what am I talking about, man, how can it be/You can't have a stroke and flip up your sexuality/That won't work, man, my heart was breaking/That's like saying you had a cold and woke up like Clay Aiken...."


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