2 Chainz Inspired By Lil Wayne

2 Chainz first came to national attention as a member of Playaz Circle, who had their first major hit with the Lil Wayne-assisted "Duffle Bag Boy." In a recent interview with AlLindstrom, 2 Chainz explained just how much knowing Weezy helped keep him inspired.
"The thing behind me and Wayne was that he always believed in me as a musician, as well as being a cool dude," said 2 Chainz. "And everybody thought he was the illest n***a in the world. So that's where my confidence kinda started. Just derived from him. It's like, 'everybody f*cks with you, and you f*ck with me!' So that's where our relationship came in."
"He used to say encouraging things that I'm sure another rapper, [if] that didn't get that, they'd start figuring something else out," he added. "Me even being around him, seeing what they have, seeing the things you can get from puttin' words together, it kinda kept me inspired."


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