50 Cent Digs Cam'ron, Fat Joe?

50 Cent may have had his past issues with Fat Joe, but the Queens-bred hip hop superstar wasn't ashamed to mention Joe and other hip hop stars who's songs he's always enjoyed. 50 discussed some of the more popular tracks from Cam'ron, Busta Rhymes and Joe while pointing out songs that really grabbed him over the years.
"'357,' that's it," 50 said of Cam'ron's first hit. "'Horse and Carriage' didn't even mean that to me. That was like - Whenever an artist makes a joint that you listen to and go 'ooh' like that joint had me. The beat, the whole thing. It struck a chord in me, that's how-- Even for Busta, his portfolio of music, for me is 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.' Even fat boy. Fat Joe, his was 'Lean Back.'"


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