Amber Rose Speaks On "Theraflu"

Amber Rose has finally broken her silence on her ex-boyfriend Kanye West's name-dropping single "Theraflu/Way Too Cold." The song mentions their past relationship and Rose's current fiance, Wiz Khalifa. Amber says the song caught her off-guard, but she and Kanye have no current bond, so she doesn't make any assumptions as to why he would record such a song.
"What did I think about the song?" Amber asked rhetorically "Umm, I don't know. I don't really know Kanye as a person anymore. I just don't know him, um, anymore. It's been almost two years so at first I didn't understand, I was like, 'What is he trying to say,' but I think, I took it as a positive at the end and um, I feel like it's cool. He respects Wiz as he should and I respect his decisions. I think people fail to realize that Kanye's just my ex-boyfriend. We weren't married, we don't have children together, we both moved on with our lives and you know, it seems like we're both really happy."


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