B.o.B. Praises T.I.'s Latest Work

Rapper B.o.B. is riding on the recent release of his sophomore album, Strange Clouds, but the Grand Hustle artist took the time to praise the work of his labelhead, T.I. Bobby Ray says that T.I.'s upcoming work is especially impressive and acknowledges Tip's growth.
"The Trouble Man is amazing," B.o.B said in an interview. "Tip, with each album he always gets better. Each album is always a progression of where he was and this one isn't any different. He's really grown as an artist. Even me, growing up in Atlanta, I remember being a fan of Trap Musik -- so, to be able to become so evolved and be able to work so closely to his project, as well as be a part of Grand Hustle, means a lot to me."
"We gotta great f*cking team, a great dream team," B.o.B. added. "We go hard in the paint, f*ck what the naysayers say. They don't determine the outcome -- we determine the outcome."


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