Charli Baltimore Blames Irv Gotti?

Charli Baltimore gave her take on just what stalled her career in the early 2000s and how Irv Gotti's mishandling of Murder, Inc. led to the female rapper getting lost in the drama of Murder, Inc.'s beefs and the label being focused on R&B songstress Ashanti.
"I think Irv just got distracted by all of the stuff that was going on with Murder Inc. All the fame that happened with Murder Inc. happened so fast. Ja [Rule] was popping, but I don't think Irv was prepared for everybody else to pop the way that they did," Baltimore said. "I think that's what distracted Irv from what he should have been focused on -- I don't think it was Ashanti in particular. I think Ashanti's record sales and the fact that he had her poplin', had Ja poppin'. Murder Inc was just poppin' at the time as a whole, it was more of Irv's problem. It was a great idea, and unfortunately, my project was up next and that's when everything started falling apart."


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