D'Angelo: Guitar Hero?

?uestlove spoke recently about soul singer D'Angelo's return to music and revealed that the reclusive star spent his time out of the spotlight polishing his guitar skills. According to ?uesto, D'Angelo has turned into a fierce axeman over the past several years.
“The one benefit of this eleven-year sabbatical was he used 10,000 Gladwellian hours to master the guitar,” says ?uestlove. “He can play the sh-t out of it, and I don’t mean no Lil Wayne sh-t.”
“I wonder if that isn’t partially a way to take the attention away from that Chippendales sh-t, because when you’re standing up playing guitar, there’s a little less attention to what you’re wearing and whether it’s on or off and having to choreograph your moves," he added. "It prevents you from having to calculate that sh-t.”


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