Iggy Azalea Posts, Deletes Booty Shots

Is Iggy Azalea learning the ropes of superstardom?
The up-and-coming rapper loves to post pics on Instagram and she took the stage at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles last night (May 13th) to perform fan favorites like "Pu$$Y" and "Me, Myself, My Money."
Iggy was posting pics the entire night, but definitely got a few eyebrows (among other things) raised when she began posting steamy pics of her backside. The Australian siren is becoming as well-known for her ass-ets as she is her music, so maybe she wanted to just give the public what they wanted.
"The camera captures everything BUT the moment," she posted.
Nonetheless, the steamy pics were deleted soon after. So maybe someone told her to save the backshots for another time.


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